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Post cards (minimum order 5)
Young Boy Holding a Cricket Bat and Ball by Adam Buck (c.1770 – 1833) £2.50 per 5
Red Prince Mare, 1921 by Sir Alfred Munnings (1878 – 1959) £2.50 per 5

Blank cards
The Motorised Horsebox by Lionel Edwards (1878 – 1966) £3.95 per pack of 5

Huntsman and Hounds by Sir Alfred Munnings (1878 - 1959) £6.00 per pack of 10

Mr William Bowan Jordan Wilson of Knowle Hall, Warwickshire on Go Easy, 1838

by John Ferneley Snr (1782 - 1860)  £6 per pack of 10

 A Bibliography of British Sporting Artists (1700 - 1984) by Norah Titley with the Supplements (1985-1994) and (1995-2001) £7.00
Bibliography of British Sporting Artists (1995-2001), Second Supplement by Dr Robert Fountain £2.00
Cecil Aldin’s Art – 1990 Exhibition Catalogue £2.00
Sporting Art in Britain 25th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue £10.00
Noble Art – Prize Fighting in England Exhibition 1738-1860 £10.00
The Engraved Work of George Stubbs 2005 Exhibition Catalogue £10.00

Lowes Dalbiac Luard Exhibition catalogue £5.95

Unframed print

The Duke of Grafton's Stallion, Mares & Foals after George Stubbs, published by Ackermanns £35.00


‘Floating’ racing scenes by Gilpin/Luard (please specify) £1.50


Dungannon with a Sheep by George Stubbs (1724 - 1806) (boxed) £10.00

Fridge magnet

The National Sports of Great Britain, frontispiece by Henry Alken (published 1820) £2.00

BSAT Essays on Sporting Artists
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BSAT Collection

Raoul Millais (1901-1999)<br>The Coming Storm

Raoul Millais (1901-1999)
The Coming Storm

Our collection includes around 300 works of sporting art.  Collection together with information on the artists is available to view - please click on the link below.

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Study for the Saddling Paddock, Cheltenham March Meeting

Study for the Saddling Paddock, Cheltenham March Meeting

The Vestey Gallery

Our permanent exhibition space within the National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket